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Insurance Matrix Listing
Anesthesiology Otolaryngology
Emergency Medicine Pathology
Family Medicine Pediatrics
Medicine Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Neurology Podiatry
Neurosurgery Psychiatry
OBGYN Radiation Oncology
Ophthalmology Radiology
Orthopaedics Surgery
Information is current as of: 7/16/2018 1:35:34 PM

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selected criteria will be listed on the left margin of the page. Select
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2. For questions and or assistance with your health insurance or managed care:
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NJMS Faculty Group Agreements

  • Amerigroup (Medicaid HMO only)

  • CarePoint Health Plans (New Medicare PPO-effective 01/01/2013)

  • Devon Health Services, Inc. (General Insurance-PPO and Workers' Compensation)

  • FedMed, Inc. (General Insurance-PPO and Workers' Compensation)

  • Healthfirst NJ (New Medicaid & Dual Eligible Medicare-Medicaid HMO - effective 01/01/2013)

  • Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey (HRINJ) {A product of the Public Health Care Exchange established by the Affordable Care Act} *

  • Horizon NJ Health (Medicaid HMO)

  • Multiplan (PPO & Workers' Compensation & PHCS-effective01/01/2013)

  • Prime Health Services, Inc. (Auto & Workers' Compensation

  • Procura Management, Inc. (General Insurance-PPO)

  • Qualcare HMO/PPO

  • Rutgers Student Health **

  • Three Rivers Provider Network

  • University Correctional Healthcare(state inmates)***

  • United Healthcare Community Plan (formerly Americhoice of NJ, Inc.)

  • *HRINJ has partnered with QualCare to provide access to its regional HMO network of providers and to also provide administrative services including claims processing, client services, utilization management, case management, prior authorization and disease management.
          --- Each HRINJ member must select a primary care physician within the QualCare HMO network.
          --- HRINJ is one of only three insurance companies that are being offered on the Public Health Care Exchange. The public exchange is the only place consumers can receive federal subsidies to help pay for their health insurance.
          --- HRINJ is administered through QualCare and is not a contract that is negotiated by NJMS Managed Care Reimbursement Committee and is not managed by the NJMS-Office of Managed Care.

    ** Effective 8/1/2013, Rutgers students with UHC Student Resources insurance have access to NJMS Faculty Practice physicians and University Hospital as Preferred Providers through our relationship with Multiplan. The Multiplan logo is on the student health ID card.

    ***An interagency agreement between Rutgers-UBHC and the New Jersey Department of Corrections. This contract provides physical and mental healthcare to state inmates. This contract is not negotiated by NJMS Managed Care Reimbursement Committee and not managed via the NJMS-Office of Managed Care.

Termination Information of NJMS Faculty Group and Individual Agreements

  • Aetna, Inc.:

  •       - NJMS faculty group agreement terminated on 05/01/2012.
  • Amerihealth:

  •       - NJMS faculty group agreement terminated on 08/9/2010.
  • Empire BlueCross BlueShield:

  •       - Plan no longer contracts with providers servicing Essex County effective 06/30/2012.
  • Family Choice Health Alliance:
  •       - NJMS faculty group agreement terminated on 3/21/2012.
  • Galaxy Health Network:
  •       - NJMS faculty group agreement terminated on 3/31/2012.
  • Great-West Healthcare:

  •       - On 04/01/2008, Cigna acquired plan.
          - NJMS faculty group agreement terminated on 03/11/2009
  • Health Net of NJ, Inc:

  •       - On 12/11/2009, United Healthcare acquired plan and its Medicaid
            members were transitioned to United Healthcare’s Americhoice
            plan, now known as UHC Community Plan on 05/01/2010.
          - NJMS faculty group agreement terminated on 05/31/2010:
  • PPONext, Inc.:

  •       - NJMS faculty group agreement terminated on 05/04/2009.
          - On 03/01/2010, Multiplan acquired Viant Network, owners of Beech
           Street and PPONext.
  • University Health Plans, Inc. (UHP):

  •       - On 03/01/2010, UHP closed and their members were transferred to
            Amerigroup Community Care of NJ.
  • Watchtower Healthcare Support Services:

  •       - NJMS faculty group agreement terminated on 3/31/2012.
  • Wellchoice of NJ, Inc. :

  •       - On 03/1/2007, plan no loner operating in NJ. All active participating
            providers’ agreements were transitioned to Empire BlueCross Blue Shield.


    Email: NJMSPhysicians@njms.rutgers.edu